KDE3.1 Feature: kcmfonts / kcmfontinst

Craig Drummond cpdrummond at freeuk.com
Wed Jun 12 10:28:35 BST 2002

> So you don't want it on the webpage, you just want it in the release?

How do I put it in the web-page?

> > Is there no way for me to just simply merge the changes from the "
> > it_cool" branch into the main branch?
> Not  commenting on the 'can I commit' issue; please be aware that you

> need to merge the branch, not just overwrite the HEAD from your local

> HD.
>     cvs up -A
>     cvs up -j make_it_cool
> fix merge errors
> make all install
>     cvs commit
> Hope I'm not pointing you to obvious things here, but better to say 
too much
> to make you aware of potention pittfalls :)

Fine - no problem. I'm pretty new to CVS - Waldo created the branch, 
and I just thought it was about time it got merged into the main branch.
But, as the code has been extensively changed, there will be *lots* of 
merge errors. I'll look into this tonight...



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