KDE3.1 Feature: kcmfonts / kcmfontinst

Craig Drummond cpdrummond at freeuk.com
Wed Jun 12 09:36:56 BST 2002

> On Die, 11 Jun 2002, cpdrummond at freeuk.com wrote:
> > Is this OK? If so how do I add this to the KDE3.1 feature plan?
> Just send me a patch and I'll commit it. 

Well I've modified a lot (almost all) of the files in kcontrol/
kfontinst, created som enew ones, and modified kcontrol/fonts.

Is there no way for me to just simply merge the changes from the "make_
it_cool" branch into the main branch?

I can send you a diff for kcontrol/fonts but azs I have CVS access, can'
t I just "cvs commit" the changes myself? (or do they need approval 

> Dirk


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