kde-common/accounts in kmail's addressbook

Don Sanders sanders at kde.org
Wed Jun 12 18:45:45 BST 2002

Apologies to the list for consecutive posting.

> On Thursday 06 June 2002 09:16, Carsten Pfeiffer wrote:
> > Or a way to do
> > something with the current message, like choosing a standard
> > response when reading a typical support-mail.

Actually you can basically do this already with KMail's dcop interface, 
eg here's a shell statement that greps the current message for the 
word dcop and if found opens a composer setting the body to "I love dcop too"

dcop kmail html-widget1 selectAll; dcop kmail html-widget1 selectedText \
| grep -iq dcop && dcop kmail KMailIface openComposer \
"Don Sanders" "" "" "About dcop" "I love dcop too" false

I hope you consider just having one dcop interface rather than having a special c++
interface as well.


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