Unifying ~/Desktop

Jason Katz-Brown jason at katzbrown.com
Wed Jun 12 02:12:14 BST 2002

2002 6月 11 火曜日 15:29、Martin Konold さんは書きました:

> > it means that for removable media the trash travels with the media, so
> > if I throw something away on a floppy it stays on the floppy instead
> > of copying to/from the hard drive. There may be other reasons.
> This can be a severe privacy/security issue when giving away the floppy.

Not to mention the waste of space on the floppy disk.

"Sorry - not enough room on drive to copy to."

"But why? There's only one file, and it's taking up 7 megs!"

I think the trash-folder is much more logical. If I throw a piece of paper 
into a trash can, it isn't copied somewhere behind my back. It's in the trash 
can, and I can recycle it if I want, or retrieve it later. I see no reason 
why a computer should not model this as it is in real life.
> Regards,
> - --martin


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