Patch to add 'close tab' button in Mozilla style to Konqueror.

Volker Augustin volker.augustin at
Sun Jun 9 16:17:05 BST 2002

> Actually i find it a bug. Normally when you open a new document it gains
> focus, the tabs in konqueror doesnt. I think a lot of people like the
> links to load in the background, so maybe it should be configurable? If
> not then i would strongly suggest that we don't break normal practice
> and have new tabs gain focus. I would compare this to opening in a new
> window and then the new window doesnt gain focus and is placed beneath
> the current window.

So then what is the advantage of a new tab over a new window? When it comes 
up in front it's basically the same as both steal your focus from whatever 
you are just doing thus interrupting your workflow. So you could just as 
well use a new window instead of a new tab.


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