JPEG thumbnails

Simon MacMullen simon.macmullen at
Mon Jun 10 16:14:11 BST 2002

Someone has ported kio_thumbnail to use the KFileMetaInfo thumbnail from the
JPEG when possible. I'm sure this is more elegant from a theoretical point
of view, but it has the following problems (for me at least):

(1) When a thumbnail larger than the one in the JPEG is required (on a file
dialog or the oh-so-popular tooltip), you don't get it.

I'm sure this is fixable though, just fall back to the ImageCreator when you
need a large one.

(2) When the thumbnail in the JPEG is wrong, you get the wrong result.

This could be a real problem. I certainly have lots of photos I've rotated
using mogrify from ImageMagick (I think it's those, it might be the ones I
rotated with Pixie Plus) and the thumbnail was never rotated, just saved
back. I'm sure there are lots of other people out there in the same
position. I know you could say: "your JPEGs are broken, fix them", but I
have no idea how and I'm sure the normal users don't either.

How big a performance gain is there from using the JPEG thumbnail? I don't
have a slow computer with KDE any more so I can't tell, but I know I would
rather have correct thumbnails than fast ones.

Cheers, Simon

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