Unifying ~/Desktop

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Mon Jun 10 14:49:25 BST 2002

Simon Hausmann <hausmann at kde.org> writes: 
> How about using
> URL=$HOME or file://$HOME instead?

That's not in the desktop entry spec, so wouldn't be a valid desktop
> In KDE dollar expansion is already implemented. It's not enabled by
> default IIRC, but the code dealing with ~/Desktop does so.

We could discuss adding it to the desktop entry spec, I don't think it
should go in ~/Desktop until it's in that spec though.

I guess I would expect people to have security concerns here?

If allowed in Exec=, it makes things even less well-defined than they
already are - see xdg-list archives. We really can't be doing
heuristic parses of these .desktop files fields, we need an exact


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