kde 3.1 -- make Keramik default?

Vadim Plessky lucy-ples at mtu-net.ru
Sun Jun 9 08:27:36 BST 2002

On Saturday 01 June 2002 9:40 pm, Torsten Rahn wrote:
|  On Saturday 01 June 2002 16:37, Volker Augustin wrote:
|  > So, you think that the following screenshot looks good? (keramik as in
|  > kdelibs out-of-the-box)
|  > http://homepages.uni-regensburg.de/~auv20213/keramik0.png
|  It doesn't look too nice because you mix some styles on the screenshot but
| I would not say about it: "Der Stil ist Arschhäßlich" (not only for reasons
| of politeness but rather because me and most people think the opposite).
|  Using the correct defaults and stuff the style is rather meant to look
| like this:
|  http://www.kde-look.org/content/preview.php?file=1961-3.png

I do not think that this screenshot looks good.
A whole screen looks flashy (which is not bad) and inconsistent (which is 
On top of it, fonts are not anti-aliased on that screenshot which really takes 
you back by year or 2 years from now. Even Mozilla supports AA in custom 
builds nowdays!
Crystal Icon theme takes you back, too. 
Ok, I have nothing against Folder icon, this one is very good.
But the rest of icon sets lacks "contouring" line around icon (in contrast 
color), so icon loses border. Effect from this is very bad.

Now about Keramik Window Decorations itself.
1) how can I switch Rounded corners off?
I don't like those rounded corners for several reasons.

2) colors, and *style* for Maximize/Restore, and even for Close and Minimize, 
look terrible. They should not be of Black color, and Pixmaps for them should 
be configurable
// BTW: what about using SVG for those buttons, instead of pixmaps? With 
recent SVG support in KDE this sounds quite reasonable.

3) it's realy bad UI design - when you combine both Round (circle) and 
Rectangle buttons in *one* themes

On top of it, KDE2 default Window Decoration has these options:
4) draw grab bar below windows

5) draw titlebar stipple effect

which make it superior to many other styles.
Until you can control "grab bar" and add/remove stipple effects (or gradients) 
in Keramik - it should not go as default KDE 3.1 theme.

oh, and the most important priblem:
I have tried several ones, and even KDE's default (rather dark blue) color is 
not respected, not speaking about other nice color themes I have here.
|  Greetings,
|  Tackat


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