Bug#40875: Acknowledgement (Most icons not displayed in 32 bit color mode using XDMCP from Cygwin/XFree86)

Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Sat Jun 8 07:03:06 BST 2002

Hi Harold,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

I guess there isn't that much changed in KDE 3.0 that would really explain 
this behaviour. However, the change from KDE 2 to KDE 3 also implies a change 
from Qt2 to Qt3, I don't know what exactly has changed in Qt3 pixmap handling 
but it seems that XRENDER support for alphablending was added.

I looked at your screenshots and it struck me that _some_ icons did show up. 
So If I had to make an educated guess I would say that it is related to some 
sort of alpha-channel problem. I would then assume that the icons in the 
screenshots that show up do so because they happen to have no alpha channel.


On Friday 07 June 2002 10:02 pm, Harold Hunt wrote:
> In case anyone is wondering, this bug is still open and no one on the KDE
> team has contacted us to tell us why our visual format for 32 bits per
> pixel is wrong for KDE 3.0.
> I guess we'll just keep going at 16 bits per pixel forever...
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