konquerors horror tooltips

Simon MacMullen simon.macmullen at aspectgroup.co.uk
Fri Jun 7 19:08:28 BST 2002

Thomas Zander:
> Well I think just listening to the global 'enable tooltips' setting would
> be enought. My 3 days old CVS does not allow me to turn them off either.
> I am talking about the look&feel->Style kcm, tab misc; the 'enable
> tooltips' option there.

I didn't know they ignored that. I didn't touch the enable/disable code, I
just tested it with the setting below and it worked. I will look at this

Joseph Wenninger:
> They honour the tooltip setting from File Browsing -> File Manager -> 
> Behaviour : Show file tips.
> My problem, I like the information shown in the tooltips in general, but
> image / textfile preview just needs to much space on my screen.

OK. I'm half way through another setting to let you turn just the preview
off. Results early next week...

> If it would be the size of the preview icons, I wouldn't mind, but as they
> now, they are just to large for my taste.

But in that case you wouldn't get any benefit. The idea is if you want a
closer look at the file, you can use this.

Cheers, Simon

PS: Next time, please don't use a word like "horror". It felt quite rude. Or
am I too sensitive?

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