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Kevin Puetz puetzk at
Fri Jun 7 02:19:08 BST 2002

Kevin Puetz wrote:

> Kevin Puetz wrote:

> Ok, second cut, all the above bugs are corrected except the lack of
> kcontrol configuration. If nobody has any great suggestions, I'm just
> going to add a combobox to pick the screen number a panel is on, because I
> think trying to represent all the possible locations for Xinerama
> placement is just too messy. Better to just drag&drop if you want to see
> what you're getting.
> I need to check this on non-Xinerama, and then I'm going to commit if I
> don't hear any objections.

Oops, I apparently made the diff before, rather than after, fixing a missing 
semicolon ;-) sorry folks, last time around
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