Patch to add 'close tab' button in Mozilla style to Konqueror.

Richard Bos allabos at
Wed Jun 5 19:58:49 BST 2002

On woensdag 5 juni 2002 07:41, Volker Augustin wrote:
> And while we are at it:
> If you try to close a konqueror window with more than one open tab
> konqueror should ask for confirmation. Happens to me quite often that I
> close a konqueror window without noticing that there are tabs I have not
> read yet (I use this feature mostly for reading heise newsticker but Nadeem
> seems to have broken this tonight by making new tabs open in front - at
> least it seems so from the cvs log)

And would it be possible to have a "reload tab" and "reload all tabs" (alla 
mozilla) I find this quite usefull.

Richard Bos

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