Patch to add 'close tab' button in Mozilla style to Konqueror.

Volker Augustin Volker.Augustin at
Wed Jun 5 13:40:43 BST 2002

Rik Hemsley wrote:

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> #if Volker Augustin
>> Screenshot please :-))
> Yes, it's pretty ugly. Yes, it should probably be the X icon. I'll make it
> prettier if people think it's the Right Way to do this. BTW, many people
> suggested a close button on each tab. If you try using qtella, which does
> this in its 'search' tabs, you may find that it's far too easy to
> accidentally close tabs.

>From my experience with opera I can say that this is very usable as long as 
there isn't a real MDI like in opera. Therefore I would vote YES :-)


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