GNOME/KDE interoperability hothouse

Jim Kingdon kingdon at
Sat Jun 1 19:05:32 BST 2002

> Ok this is getting off topic.

True.  Not that I want to prolong the thread, but since I started
this, I suppose I might respond:

1.  The Free Standards Group is aware of the DMCA issues with meetings
    in the US and we are having our next LSB face-to-face in Ottawa,
    Canada for exactly this reason.

2.  If the hothouse in San Francisco is a success and we want to keep
    working with the LinuxWorld people on another one, maybe we'll
    have the next one at LinuxWorld Paris (one step at a time,

3.  As for the long distance from Europe, at least you don't have it
    as bad as the Australians who wake up at 4am to call into Linux
    Standard Base conference calls ;-).

4.  If anyone wants to organize anything for LinuxTag (maybe a BoF if
    not a full-fledged hothouse), that would be cool too.  Let me know
    if there is anything I can help with.

Thanks for everyone who responded, especially those who said "I'd like
to participate" and/or offered feedback about what would make this
event succeed.

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