KDE 3.1 release schedule draft

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Sun Jun 2 23:45:49 BST 2002


I've put a 3.1 release schedule draft online at


The feature plan (!) freeze is rather soon, but given that the document got 
quite well maintained, I don't consider it to be a big problem. Although 
many of the entries are already in the green and yellow section, there is 
still a huge "red" TODO list. In my opinion there is not enough time to 
implement them all, even if we plan KDE 3.1 for early next year, so we have 
to cut it somewhere. 

According to the current draft there are about 7 weeks left for implementing 
the "agreed on" features on the feature plan, and another 6 weeks bugfixing 
only. I suggest that this freeze period will be more strictly handled 
compared to the 3.0 release, which deliberately had a rather soft policy.

I know this schedule is rather tight, but in case, we can always slip it by 
for 2-3 weeks by adding another release candidate (or making the rc1 one a 
"public" one with 3-4 weeks time for feedback). I decided against 
"hardcoding" this already into the current draft for obvious reasons though.

Note dear translators: the i18n string freeze means changes by developers to 
i18n string changes. translators are always allowed to adjust stuff or to 
commit their translations. You're in no way affected by the freezes. 

Please comment, complain, scream ;-)



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