kde 3.1 -- make Keramik default?

Volker Augustin Volker.Augustin at stud.uni-regensburg.de
Sat Jun 1 17:13:11 BST 2002

>> So, you think that the following screenshot looks good? (keramik as in
>> kdelibs out-of-the-box)
>> http://homepages.uni-regensburg.de/~auv20213/keramik0.png
> It doesn't look too nice because you mix some styles on the screenshot but
> I would not say about it: "Der Stil ist Arschhäßlich" (not only for
> reasons of politeness but rather because me and most people think the
> opposite).

As you might have noticed I was talking about "keramik as in kdelibs 
out-of-the-box". Your screenshot also has the keramik windows decoration 
enabled (which is in kdebase) and uses a different color-scheme.

> Using the correct defaults and stuff the style is rather meant to look
> like this:
> http://www.kde-look.org/content/preview.php?file=1961-3.png

I always thought "default" refers to the values as provided by the system 
without changing anything (which is how I arrived at my first screenshot). 
Seems I misunderstood ;-)

I have to admit that that looks better than what I arrived at. You also seem 
to have a different crystal konqueror icon which is way better than the 
default one provided by crystal.

You are using a background image for kicker, right? Which one? Without it 
kicker looks inconsistently 2D, too.

>> Having 2D-menus on a 3D-menubar does not look too consistent. By the way,
>> if you have the KDE default color-theme and keramik style, the kicker
>> context
> Which part of "Neither the style nor the deco arent done yet. There will
> be lots of changes concerning the buttons, the menus and Kicker. Right now
> qwertz considers the current work about 60% ready. " didn't you
> understand?
> :-)

No, I did not. It didn't sound like the appearance was going to change a lot 
anymore. More like "there are still some bugs that are going to be fixed 
after it's the default". 

Maybe there should be a complete keramik-theme that changes all required 
things (style, icons, window decoration).


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