KMouth in KDE CVS?

Gunnar Schmi Dt gunnar at
Tue Dec 31 16:25:01 GMT 2002


As the author of KMouth --- a program which enables persons who cannot speak 
to let their computers speak --- I want to ask whether it is ok to put KMouth 
into CVS.

I my original plan was to pulish version 1.0rc1 of KMouth in the first week of 
January. If all goes well, the final version 1.0 would be ready about one 
week later. If we decide to put KMouth into CVS, I will rename version 1.0rc1 
into 1.0beta3 and produce a new version 1.0rc1 (with translations etc.) in 
early February.

KMouth would fit into a new module kde-a11y (or kdeaccessibility), if that 
module gets created. Otherwise I would whish to put KMouth into extragear.

Happy new year,

Gunnar Schmi Dt

Please CC your answers to the kde-accessibility mailing list as I assume that 
the discussion is interresting for the people there, too. Also I am on that 
list and not on kde-core-devel ;-)

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