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Tue Dec 31 21:00:40 GMT 2002

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On Tuesday 31 December 2002 06:01, Alexander Kellett wrote:
> Excellent. Was really looking for a clean way of
> doing this for Konqueror's bookmark menus. Am I
> correct in saying that your extension makes this
> easier to implement now?

yes, basically you just create whatever entries you wish in the context menu 
and connect it to the slot that implements the actions. no need to worry 
about implementing the context menu behaviour yourself, and since it provides 
access to the menu/menuitem the context menu is/was on via static methods, 
you can create methods that provide generic functionality for any number of 
similar menus.

i'm using it, for example, to allow in-place editting of the dynamically 
created (and destroyed) menus in that task oriented menu thingy i'm working 
on. one slot handles creating the context menus on demand, and one handles 
deleting/adding items for all the task menus that end up being created. nice 
and clean...

> >
> Nice work!

thanks =) 

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