Two-Dimensional scrolling (was: Re: Fwd: [Bug 34362] mouse button support)

Antonio Larrosa Jiménez larrosa at
Tue Dec 31 13:56:48 GMT 2002

El Viernes, 27 de Diciembre de 2002 19:30, Jörg Walter escribió:
> On Friday, 27. December 2002 09:36, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> The short story is that vertical "wheel" motion works fine. I created a
> small patch for Qt so that I even get horizontal "wheel" motion correct.

I implemented the original support for wheel emulation (to use that same 
button, as I also have a Trackman Marble FX) in XFree and Qt (with a 
similar patch than yours) in May 2001 :)

(note that at that time, Qt didn't have support for horizontal wheel 
events, so my patch for Qt at that time was longer that later releases of 
the patch)

> However, I don't know if my button mapping is correct and might conflict
> with the stuff in this thread. Vertical wheel motion in X11 is mapped to
> buttons 4 and 5, so I took 6 and 7 for horizontal movement. Is this
> mapping correct? Or how should I have solved that?

The problem is that even if the people at XFree accepted a very similar 
patch than mine in August 2001 (it seems they "lost" my patch for some 
time because it arrived to them in a freeze), the people at Trolltech 
never accepted my patch, as buttons 6 and 7 are not "in the standard".

> Btw, if anyone regards this as being useful, feel free to forward it to
> the appropriate people.

Did you note that qt-copy already has that patch ? I thought that finally 
Trolltech thought again about it and accepted my changes, but now I'm not 
sure, did you commit it to qt-copy ? or did those changes came from 
Trolltech's snapshots ?

Happy new year,

Antonio Larrosa Jimenez
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