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Malte Starostik malte at
Tue Dec 31 13:32:04 GMT 2002

On Tuesday 31 December 2002 12:26, Christophe Prud'homme wrote:
> On Tuesday 31 December 2002 06:09 am, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> > > Shouldn't all that stuff be in the anonymous namespace instead?
> >
> > Nope. Those are still exported and the long symbol makes the symbol
> > lookup far worse.
> then what about unnamed namespace
> namespace {
>   blah blah blah
> }
> behaves like static !

That's what I meant.
There's one difference to static though: while static has internal linkage, 
namespace {} has external linkage. This is a problem as Dirk noted wrt 
relocation time, OTOH the advantage is that such symbols can be used as 
template arguments while static ones can't.
As this apparently wasn't a real problem in kdelibs by now, it's probably the 
best thing to stick with static in the libs until the linker issues are 
resolved, didn't think about those.

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