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[Ralf Nolden]
> Do you have any proposals of other applications that you want to use
> yet?

Yes, there are two other apps that would fit into it:

KMouth ( is a program that 
allows people who cannot speak to let their computer speak for them. It 
reach 1.0 soon.

KMouseTool ( clicks the mouse for people with 
carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis. There is also a Windows version of 
KMouseTool, so we would have to ask the author whether he would mind 
moving the KDE version into CVS.

The KDEAP is also planning to implement an AT-SPI -> KDE assistive 
technology client bridge, which should definately go into that package, 
but that's future stuff.

> If  not, I think moving it to kdeutils would be a good start I think,
> that would make it an utility with no relation to graphics but to both,
> accessibility and an utility.

In case KMouseTool stays as a seperate application, it should be fine to 
have kmag in kdeutils and kmouth in extragear and think about it again 
once we have more applications for kdeaccessibility or maybe kde-a11y (if 
we use a common abbreviation of accessibility - there are 11 letters in 
"accessibility" between a and y).

Pupeno has also developed a text to speech service that is closely related 
to accessibility issues, but we would prefer that to go into kdebase 
because its possible applications go far beyond accessibility issues 
(think of KMail saying to you "You have a new mail from Santa Claus" in 
KDE 3.2).


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