PATCH: KFileDialog and Password caching

Dawit A. adawit at
Tue Dec 31 01:37:42 GMT 2002

Hi Carsten,

> > There are still a couple of other things that have to be fixed such as
> > the job used to create a directory as well as where KIO::NetAccess is
> > used. Currently non of the public interfaces of KIO::NetAccess allow one
> > to pass a pointer to instance of the current container object. We should
> > perhaps overload these public functions and add a parameter to pass a
> > QWidget* and deprecate the old interfaces ?
> hmmhmm, sounds like the only solution indeed.

Yep.  I will make up a patch for it then....

> Patch looks good (only I don't know if topLevelWidget() is more correct
> than "this"). Is that so that if the application would pass the same
> toplevel widget pointer again to another iojob with the same URL, the
> caching would work, otherwise not?

Nope.  It would work fine with "this" as well.  However, the cached password 
will be removed as soon as the last window referencing it is closed.  In this 
case it would be when you close the file widget after using it.  That defeats 
the purpose of having the password cache since you would probably want to 
cache it for the lifetime of the application.  So I simply assumed that if I 
use topLevelWidget (),  I would get the container the KFileDialog widget.  
And even if that is not the case,  I would end up with "this" :)

Dawit A.

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