KDE 3.1 Requirements

Andreas Pour pour at mieterra.com
Mon Dec 30 10:26:48 GMT 2002


In preparation for the 3.1 release coming up Real Soon Now(tm), I have taken the
information I collated together painstakingly from configure.in's and
Makefile.am's for the 3.0 release
and provided a web interface for adding / editing / deleting / updating the

This currently lives at http://promo.kde.org/kde_reqs.php, which has no greater
purpose than to create a PHP database which can be downloaded to the kde.org
website before the release to form part of the "KDE 3.1 Info Pages", where the
data can be displayed in various ways (sorting by various categories, etc.).

Though the thought crossed my mind to have this DB be editable by anyone, the
abuse risk seemed to high (though there is a full record kept of changes) so you
will need an (easy-to-get) promo.kde.org account to edit the entries.  Please
review it and Make It Right(tm).



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