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my name is Christophe Devriese

I have written a patch to kdelibs to give one the option of right-clicking on 
a bookmark and selecting "delete" (implemented), or "add" (to be added to the 
patch, this one is a proof of concept), etc. This patch works without 
requiring any modifications to konqueror itself.

I miss this feature a lot in konqueror.

I have a number of options to proceed
- -> make kbookmark an abstract class, and force anyone wanting to use it to 
create a subclass, then include the events on them as pure virtuals in the 
abstract class
	pro : 	-> this is, imho, the way it should be done
			-> it uses OO to accomplish the task, an the responsability for bookmarks 
is with the bookmarks 
			-> it allows us to use the objects without further modifications in the 
future (to for example include drag-and-drop to a .url file ...)
			-> it is faster than the other options (in terms of execution, not in terms 
of developer time) (by a few nanosecs ;-) )

	con : 	-> requires (complicated) changes to both konqueror and other apps 
using bookmarks
			-> that means it will take developer time, and a lot more commits
			-> not binary compatible (but I don't know any app other than konq that 
uses bookmarks)

- -> add a routine (or signal) to kbookmarkowner à la MouseEvent(QMouseEvent qm, 
KBookmark bm)
	pro :		-> "the quick hack", doesn't require changes to any other app (that is 
kdelibs and konq need some changes)
			-> one more commit will do it
			-> binary compatible
			-> I can (but it would be even uglier) avoid making any changes at all to 
	con : 	-> slower
			-> not extensible
			-> complicated semantics without a very good reason (like having to call 
QPopupMenu::exec and not QPopupMenu::popup)
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