Proposal for 3.2

Benoit Walter at
Sun Dec 29 17:59:50 GMT 2002

I have developped a new application to display the icons on the desktop. For 
the moment, it is a standalone application, but I think it would be great to 
integrate it with kdesktop in the next KDE (3.2)
The file items are displayed as boxes, but it behaves a bit differently from 
WindowMaker (better integration with konqueror, single click, cut/paste, 

Current features :
- Synchronise with files in $HOME/Desktop (using KDirLister)
- Move items (they can be attached together in groups)
- Open, Move to trash, Delete, Open with, Edit file type, File properties
- WindowMaker dock apps (just create a link to the app)
- Experimental systray box (just create an empty systray.kbox file)
- Option to keep a 1-pixel border on the screen edge

It could be included as another option in Desktop->Behaviour ?
(No Icon, Normal Icons, Box icons).

Suggestion are welcome, you can find the sources as well as some screenshots 
at :

Benoit Walter

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