kdebindings problem in KDEC

Ian Reinhart Geiser geiseri at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 27 23:26:09 GMT 2002

To make qtc be able to be included in libtool
libraries it seems that we need to supply the
following code before function stubs in the headers:

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
   ...function declarations here...
#ifdef __cplusplus

I have tested this and it seems to only make my tcl,
perl and ruby bindings work. (currently they only
export QObject since that is the only file I have
attacked)  How do I include this code in the function
blocks?  If I get ambitious and attack each of the 700
files in that directory, will these changes get

Any ideas would be helpful.  Also it should be noted
that all // comment lines and bools should be removed
from the public headers as they break C builds.

Other than that we qt/c seems to work quite well.

Once this is resolved we will have ocaml, php4, tcl,
ruby, perl5 and guile bindings for Qt/KDE based off of
the qtc libraries.

-ian reinhart geiser

Ian Reinhart Geiser

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