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Stefan Gehn sgehn at
Fri Dec 27 10:57:24 GMT 2002


On Freitag Dezember 27 2002 10:16, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> just an idea that I had yesterday: the kicker hide buttons are nice etc.
> but they are just covering space. That's why there is an option not to
> display them at all, configurable for each side.
> Now, how about having them show up when the mouse moves over the corner of
> kicker ?

Makes sense as we already have a similar behaviour called "autohide" except 
that it affects the whole panel.

> One other thing is that there was some code in CVS that made it possible to
> resize kicker dynamically just by a mouse drag (in it's height). The
> problem with that was that the steps were fluent, that means pixel by
> pixel. The right option IMHO would have been to allow resizing it with a
> mouse drag but in the kicker sizes that are offered by default (small,
> medium, large etc.).

Sounds ok but makes it harder for people who want special sizes. OTOH 
non-standard kicker-size usually looks odd because there is no icon-size that 
fits well into the panel.

Btw, when will we get a kicker that allows any possible length (is that hard 
to code?)? The percentage slider is way too unprecise.

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