[Bug 50832] bookmark groups of pages

Luis Pedro Coelho luis_pedro at netcabo.pt
Wed Dec 25 16:44:56 GMT 2002

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Em Terça 24 Dezembro 2002 14:37, Leo Savernik escreveu:
> ------- Luis, I looked at your patches, but I did not try them out yet.
> From a syntactic pov I noticed that you used dynamic_cast. This will break
> with gcc 3 under certain circumstances when libraries are involved (and KDE
> is nothing but libraries). You should use the virtual_hook instead to
> discriminate a KBookmarkOwner against a KBookmarkOwnerGroupCapable object
> like this:

I thought about using virtual_hook, but then I thought it wouldn't be 
necessary, since I thought problems with dynamic_cast only manifested 
themselves with libraries that are dlopen'ed which is not what happens in 
this case. Also, grepping for dynamic_cast in kdelibs brings up a few 

luis - ~ § cd /opt/kde-cvs/src/kdelibs/

luis -/opt/kde-cvs/src/kdelibs § grep dynamic_cast */*cpp | wc -l

Anyway, I can rewrite my patch to make use of virtual_hook, if needed. I am 
just asking whether there is a need. Since I am on RH 7.3 (gcc 2.96), I 
cannot test any of this (this is another reason to update).

Luis Pedro Coelho

"Technology does not always equal progress."
Douglas Coupland

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