Merry Christmas

Roger Larsson roger.larsson at
Wed Dec 25 00:16:08 GMT 2002

On Wednesday 25 December 2002 00:18, Jaime Robles wrote:
> El Mié 25 Dic 2002 22:51, Chris Howells escribió:
> > > Here in Hartford, Connecticut USA we are getting ready for yet another
> > > snow storm, supposed to be arriving around midnight tonight (24th) and
> > > snow quite heavily through the day tomorrow (25th). This is great news
> > Wow. In southern UK, it's about 10 deg C, and raining :( (as usual!)
> What about 30 deg, sunny and people in the beach??
> That's what i saw 3 days ago in the Canary Islands... In Madrid... rain and 
> deg also :-(

Oh, you live in hot places :-)

How about  -28 deg C
(yes you read it right or you did not,
 "minus twentyeight degrees Celsius",
since it is snowing in Hartford it is probably not THAT cold)


Roger Larsson

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