Merry Christmas

Christopher Molnar molnarc at
Tue Dec 24 21:22:22 GMT 2002

I can hardly believe another year has gone by.... but I would like to 
wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas, and all the best for the new 
year. Thanks for the great work and progress made on KDE over the last 

Here in Hartford, Connecticut USA we are getting ready for yet another 
snow storm, supposed to be arriving around midnight tonight (24th) and 
snow quite heavily through the day tomorrow (25th). This is great news 
as the last foot of snow melted last week with a heat wave.  So we may 
after all actually have a white Christmas.

Living in New England almost anything can happen in the winter months.

Have a great holiday everyone!


BTW: And those of you coming to New York for Linux World Expo --- BRING 
COATS, GLOVES, BOOTS! We have already had more snow this year than all 
of last winter.

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