Work on KDE/QT native port to MS Windows started.

Goffioul Michael sw286000 at
Tue Dec 24 12:26:31 GMT 2002

> again, I am not laughing at your project, I am just noting that you
> explained well "what" and "how" but not "why" (at least *I* didn't
> understand this last point). At the end you say:

QT/(KDE) free cross-platform application development. For now, if you want
to develop a cross-platform app, you're stuck with Qt-2.3.0 and the non-
commercial edition for Windows, you cannot develop using Qt >= 3.x
I experienced it with a small app I'm working on
(, cross-platform development works very
well, but sometimes it's a pity that you cannot use features of
Qt >= 3.x. OTOH, native QT on Windows runs as smooth as under Linux,
QT/cygwin does not.

Michael Goffioul.

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