Work on KDE/QT native port to MS Windows started.

Marco Fioretti m.fioretti at
Tue Dec 24 09:43:13 GMT 2002

On Tue, Dec 24, 2002 03:26:17 at 03:26:17AM +0100, Holger Schroeder (holger-kde at wrote:
> NOTE: This is not to fool the Trolltech people, they are really doing a great job.
> I think, that as well as many kde programmers use qt for commercial projects at
> their companies and generate income for trolltech this way, qt on windows will
> convince more people to use qt. Imagine you could use konqueror, kmail, koffice
> and kdevelop instead of internet explorer, outlook, ms office and visual studio
> at no cost and even develop gpl`ed programs with that for free.


1) Merry Christmas
2) Good luck with your project, every project is worthwhile if it is
   fun and/or solves a problem for who is working on it

3) What is the advantage of using KDE applications on a platform that,
   in your own words, is still unstable and less useable and
   consistant that KDE on U*nix? It looks like you are going to do a
   lot of work to make XP looking just like KDE on Linux, but KDE on
   Linux already exists and can be used stand alone. If you port
Konqueror to XP and it crashes because *XP* sucks, won't people say
"these free sw freaks can't do anything better than Explorer"?

again, I am not laughing at your project, I am just noting that you
explained well "what" and "how" but not "why" (at least *I* didn't
understand this last point). At the end you say: 

> i guess we could convince quite some
> people not to use .net and switch to qt for their next projects. but let's see

.NET is a framework for web services, isn't it? and QT a GUI toolkit: are
the two interchangeable? (If you talk to a MS Access programmer, you
tell him to switch to something else in the same "solution space"
(=MySQL?) not to another dimension (widgets)).
Again, if it is my limit please explain, I'm
sincerely trying to understand. 

		Marco Fioretti 

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