PATCH: KFileDialog and Password caching

Dawit A. adawit at
Mon Dec 23 23:16:22 GMT 2002


Applications like kate rely on KFileDialog to open/browse local as well as 
remote files.  However, KFileDialog does not take care to force the caching 
of password authentication resulting in unnecessary number of prompts to 
enter passwords for remote protocols like sftp, ftp etc...  The following one 
liner is intended to partially fix the most common cause of this problem.

There are still a couple of other things that have to be fixed such as the job 
used to create a directory as well as where KIO::NetAccess is used.  
Currently non of the public interfaces of KIO::NetAccess allow one to pass a 
pointer to instance of the current container object. We should perhaps 
overload these public functions and add a parameter to pass a QWidget* and 
deprecate the old interfaces ?

Dawit A.
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