Date and time widgets

Hans Petter Bieker bieker at
Mon Dec 23 14:47:08 GMT 2002


Currently we have two widgets for selecting QDates in kdeui (KDateWidget
and KDatePicker), but there are no widgets for selecting QTimes or
QDateTimes. I have therefore developed two new widgets:
* KTimeWidget
* KDateTimeWidget

KTimeWidget is currently just a new interface for QTimeEdit, but it makes
it possible to add new functions later (like support for AM/PM).

KDateTimeWidget combines both KDateWidget and KTimeWidget and makes it
possible to select a QDateTime.

Would it be okay to add it? If so, we can finally get rid of all those
bwdatetime.{cpp,h} files in CVS.. :)

And one more thing: In kfind we have a widget called KDateCombo which uses
a combobox and KDatePicker to select dates. I think it looks much better
than KDateWidget, and I guess a few others do. Would it make sense to
change KDateWidget into something like KDateCombo (but keeping BC)?

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