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Sun Dec 22 13:18:42 GMT 2002

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On Sunday 22 December 2002 12:50, Martijn Klingens wrote:
> Since the thumbnail code fires up a few slaves at the same time I think
> this is a race condition where no running artsd is detected and 10 slaves
> are each given their own artsd instance. I don't know where the check for a
> running artsd is done now, but most robust to me would probably be a single
> entry point in e.g. klauncher which makes sure no second artsd is started
> (or a kded module). Good enough for this case, and a lot easier to write,
> but not avoid races between different applications, is to have the check in
> the thumbnail generating code, just before spawning the slave. Downside of
> this is that the thumb code explicitly needs to know whether a slave is
> arts-using or not.

Hmm, actually artsd should refuse to run a second instance for the same user. 
It checks on startup that there's no other MCOP server running, and if there 
is it just exits.
I guess what you're seeing is the threading done by an aRts module and not 
several MCOP server instances.

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