[PATCH] Fix KMail mailto url handling / new KURL method

Marc Mutz mutz at kde.org
Sat Dec 21 17:07:13 GMT 2002


I've attached two patches. One for kdecore/kurl.* implementing
  QMap< QString, QString >
  KURL::queryItems(bool caseInsensitiveKeys=false) const;
and the second for fixing mailto URL handling in KMMailtoComposeCommand 
and KMUrlClickedCommand.

The details:
- kdecore:
  - KURL has a new method queryItems that returns the query parsed into
    key/value pairs, optionally normalizing the keys to lowercase.
- kmail:
  - new method KMMessage::setFieldsAndBodyFromMailtoUrl() which sets the
    information encoded in the mailto url. Since it uses
    KURL::queryItems(true), it is robust against case in header names
    (as reported on ietf-822 at imc.org).

    Expl.: mailto:mutz at kde.org?Subject=is+not+shown

  - new config key [General]HeadersAllowedForMailtoUrls that contains a
    list of header fields that are interpreted in mailto urls (in
    addition to To and Body, both of which are special).

  - KMMainWin::slotUrlClicked() dispatches mailto urls to
    KMMailtoComposeCommand instead of KMUrlClickedCommand, thus
    eleminating a bit of code duplication.

I'd like to commit both to KDE_3_1_BRANCH. For reference, the reported 
URL was:

mailto:%3D%3fiso-8859-1%3FQ%3fJ%3dFCrgen%3F%3d%20%3cj at foo.com%3E?Subject=list


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