New mime type policy for KOffice

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at
Fri Dec 20 12:24:08 GMT 2002

As it might interest translators and core developers, I am going to give a 
short overview of the new mime type policy for KOffice.

From now on, new mime types for KOffice are always to be defined in kdelibs 
CVS HEAD (of course as long as it has no message freeze.)

However, as KOffice is supposed to work with previous KDE version too, we have 
duplicates of these new mime types in KOffice. To avoid packaging conflicts, 
these duplicates are only installed depending on the KDE version. Currently 
the duplicates are for KDE 3.1.x only and are located in the directory 

From the point of view of a translator, this solution has the inconvience that 
the .desktop files appear two times and have to be translated two times 
(however the strings should always be the same in the two files.)

In case of a message freeze of kdelibs CVS HEAD, new mime types are defined 
only in KOffice until the message freeze is over. So in theory, there should 
be no new mime types added during a message freeze of kdelibs, unlike what 
has happened in the past.

Mime types defined in KOffice and not yet following this system are currently 
being moved but as we try to change the mime types to vnd.kde ones it is 
delayed a little.

Please CC me, if the answer to this email, Thank you in advance!

Have a nice day/evening/night!

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