kimgio: One library for 2 file types

Michael Ritzert kde at
Wed Dec 18 20:15:28 GMT 2002

On Wednesday 18 December 2002 20:27, I wrote:
> Is delegating two mimetypes to one library not supported or am I doing sth.
> wrong?

I found it: From kimageio.cpp:
      // Since Qt doesn't allow us to unregister image formats
      // we have to make sure not to add them a second time.
      // This typically happens when the sycoca database was updated
      // we need to reread it.
            // Already in list
            format = 0;

When I say type=j2k in j2k.kimgio and define kimgio_j2k_read to just call
kimgio_jp2_read, everything is fine.
I now get 4 times "yes" at :-)

To be checked in in a moment.

I will go on working on write support and having read use less memory.


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