PATCH: khtml [was: kjs bug?]

Julian Rockey linux at
Mon Dec 16 22:22:33 GMT 2002

> On Monday 16 December 2002 17:22, Werner Joss wrote:
> > On Monday 16 December 2002 10:00, Julian Rockey wrote:
> > > The attached html looks like valid Javascript to me, but the
> > > document.location assignment doesn't seem to be actioned by Konqueror
> > > (3_1_BRANCH). (The onClick event is actioned).
> >
> oops - just looked in the source - one.html is the value for all 3
> choices - seems to work as expected...
True - bad example code I gave there!

However, on my setup here, the redirection is never executed. Looking at 
khtml_part.cpp it seems as if a redirection URL is not given the chance to be 
relative, as the KURL is initialised with KURL url(u). This is borne out by 
the fact that for me, running a different html test (attached), shows that 
options one and three (which use a relative URL for redirection) do not work, 
where option two (which uses an absolute URL) does work.

The attached patch for kpart_html.cpp fixes the problem for me (cc:ed to 
kde-core-devel in case it's worth applying)

My only confusion lies in how it worked OK for Werner - I can only assume it's 
a slightly different version of KDE 3.1rc5 (mine CVS 3_1_BRANCH from about 
two days ago).


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