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Mon Dec 16 14:10:23 GMT 2002

On Monday 16 December 2002 11:39, David Faure wrote:
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> On Monday 16 December 2002 11:14, Michael Schuerig wrote:
> > So, while I agree with you from a purity POV, I tend to think that
> > usefulness trumps purity.
> This is about more than purity, it's about bugs and usability.
> kio-locate has the same issue as KFind has: the initial listing may
> work fine, but not the subsequent operations on it. E.g. if you delete
> a file from a konsole, it won't disappear from the kio-locate or kfind
> listing (KDirWatch functionality not integrated).
> If you rename a file in that listing, even from Konqueror, it won't update
> the view either (because it relies on KDirWatch to work).
> I pointed this out to the KFind maintainer, and he said he was going to
> look into using KDirWatch in KFind.
> However this isn't possible with kio-locate. For kioslaves, it's KDirLister
> that handles the KDirWatch stuff, but it can't do that with broken
> semantics (directories containing files with absolute paths).
> This is why I think it would be better to integrate locate into kfind -
> this can mean using kio-locate as backend, why not (although maybe not
> really necessary).

Wouldn't it be better to support event notification in the KIO interface?
* KDirWatch is only working with the "file:" protocol AFAIK.
* The SAMBA slaves don't allow any automatic update because of this.
* "locate:" could use KDirWatch in its KIO slave.
* I made a plan-KIO a year ago - worked perfectly with korganizer, using 
VCalender format (you know this old MOTIF-based plan? it has a very easy to 
use PIM server). Unfortunately KIO didn't support calendar event updates.
* Putting KDirWatch into the file-KIO would be a lot cleaner.

Possible problems:
* KIO slaves are simply killed by pressing Escape. Event notification jobs 
(that is in fact "listDir") becomes a potentially never-ending job. Thus the 
"Stop" is on when listing a directory. Pressing Escape stops 
auto-notification. Is this the right way?
* directory-tree listings: Either listDir must be extended to allow multiple 
directories to be listed (and thus watched), and a running job must be 
allowed to be "extended" (adding a further directory), or more simply, start 
multiple jobs for each directory.
* As there will be many a lot of "watching" KIO-slaves, it makes sense to 
allow for one KIO-slave to do more than one jobs at once? E.g. allow many 
"listDir" jobs to be done by one KIO-slave. But IOSlave Killing on pressing 
Escape has to be changed.

How is this done with HTTP?
Doesn't this allow for a push method? I know you can specify a auto-refresh 
interval. But this is a poll approach...

Open for discussion.
This seems to be something for KDE 4.


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