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David Faure wrote:

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>On Thursday 12 December 2002 16:08, Herr Maik HERTHA wrote:
>>Compiling RC5 on a sgi-box stops with several errors:
>>The MipsPro compiler suite (current requires several changes. 
>>Not all of type using namespace, also a lot with clean classname access.
>The namespace issue with this compiler has been reported multiple times,
>but I'm not sure if the conclusion was that it's a bug in the compiler? I think so:
>The problem is that 1) with enable-final the "using namespace"s might not be harmless
>2) even if those fixes are harmless, for other compilers, there's nothing that guarantees
>further development will keep using them at the right place in the right files....
Yes , I know. There might be some discussion. I'm not the c++ expert, 
I've read in Soustrup 'The C++ Language, 3rd Edition" about this 
problem. There are discussed a lot stuff why to use the namespace 
directive. Two are very important, correctness and clearness of the 
code. The sgi-guys might guess, if the code is clear and correct, there 
will no problems with the MipsPro. Than it can't be a bug. If you have a 
look on the gcc there are no problems. Yes the compiler does the job, to 
get correctness and clearness.

Have a look at kdelibs-3.1rc5/interfaces/ktexteditor/ktexteditor.cpp

#include "document.moc"
#include "view.moc"
#include "plugin.moc"
#include "editor.moc"

using namespace KTextEditor;

The definition of the namespace is behind the *.moc files. The MipsPro 
could not decide which Plugin::className( ... ) to use. Moving the 
namespace definition before the *.moc includes, the compiler don't 
complains about unclear method resolution.

As we want to have the KDE on a wide range of unices, it will support 
our effort (Andreas Sturm and me) to reduce the tons off extra work to 
get a new release compilable by the MipsPro.




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