Clock time doesn't show background image - bug?

Zack Rusin zack at
Mon Dec 16 06:48:47 GMT 2002

On Monday 16 December 2002 01:30, Trevor Harmon wrote:
> OK, I've got a patch for this bug (attached). It only fixes the Plain
> and Fuzzy clocks, however, because the Digital and Analog types have
> fancy custom drawing routines. Those will have to wait until later.
> The question I have is, what are the latest rules for applying
> patches? (The delay of KDE 3.1 got me confused.) Is HEAD open for
> everything now, or only bug fixes? And can I apply a bug of this type
> to the KDE 3.1 branch myself (I have a CVS account), or does somebody
> else have to review it first? Or are we not allowing anything but
> showstopper fixes to the 3.1 branch? Anybody feel free to jump in
> here or point me to the right information...

Thanks Trevor,

I looked at your patch and I'm not sure if that's the way we want to do 
it. In Qt, backgroundMode of WindowOrigin works much better than 
X11ParentRelative for tiling across widgets. Mosfet was researching it 
a little bit more and he found (to quote him from an email to me :) ) :
Not only does it handle things like the digital clock's label correctly, 
it also works on all X servers. X11ParentRelative doesn't work well 
with some S3 chipsets.
I'm planning to switch some drawing code in Kicker in the next two weeks 
while adding translucency to it so please bare with me while I'm 
working on it. I think we can safely work on the clock once this done, 
unless someone considers drawing of the clock background a must fix for 


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