Harri Porten porten at trolltech.com
Sun Dec 15 13:55:19 GMT 2002

On Sat, 14 Dec 2002, Jason Mott wrote:

> Thanks for your input, it makes a lot of sense. Once I looked at the Qt code, 
> I'm thinking extending may not work very well for adding 
> subscripts/superscripts -- as it would be much more efficient to do it when 
> the numbers are rendered. So -- either I may have to start over with a new 
> widget, or I may need to see if Trolltech takes patches (are there any 
> Troltech people on the this list? Do you take patches?).

Sure we do. But as a general rule a feature should be need by more than
user to make sense in a library. Same is true of kdelibs, of course.

I suggest that you start hacking on the widget in your app, collect
feedback and let it "ripe" for a while. After it has reached a stable and
useful state bring up the suggestion for an inclusion in kdelibs again.
This gives you more freedom and ensures that something good comes out of


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