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Vadim Plessky lucy-ples at mtu-net.ru
Sun Dec 15 13:52:59 GMT 2002

On Sunday 15 December 2002 1:47 am, Guillaume Laurent wrote:
|  On Saturday 14 December 2002 21:13, Havoc Pennington wrote:
|  > Re: fejj's advogato diary that Guillaume pointed to - nothing
|  > revolutionary there
|  For the record, I didn't mean that it was. It was pretty much what you
| said : OO is big, Bonobo is hard, it's just not doable. I probably should
| have made that more explicit, but I assumed the "OO is big" bit was
| understood.

To finalize: no hope to see OpenOffice with GTK/GNOME user interface in 
nearest future?  Such a pity...
Despite I strongly back KOffice, I doubt I would be able to migrate some 
company to KOffice in nearest future, too.  Opening and saving PowerPoint 
presentations ia *a must*,  not spekaing about writing Excel and Word's .doc 
My wife is thinking to start drug store chain (chain of pharmacies), and she 
asked wether she(we) can use Linux on Desktops in this new company.
So far, I can't tell her "yes"  :-((
OpenOffice in its current state is not usabel on typical (Linux) computer. I 
have heard though that it's quite usable on WIndows platform.  Still better 
than payinmg for MS Office...
// sorry for off-topic


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