Problem with KAction::updateIcon{,Set} ?

Ben Burton bab at
Thu Dec 12 22:29:23 GMT 2002

> What this does look like, though, is a bug in the delayed icon loading.
> Can you check if commenting out the (only) line in
> KIconLoader::enableDelayedIconSetLoading() fixes it?

I'm rebuilding kdelibs now with this change.  Though (regardless of my 
problem) shouldn't KAction::updateIcon() and KAction::updateIconSet() still 
be changed anyway to pass the correct instance to KGUIItem::iconSet(), so the 
behaviour is correct if an icon is changed later on, after the action has 
been added to a container?

Anyway, I'll write again when kdelibs is rebuilt on this terribly slow 

Thanks - Ben.


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