[kaction] Wrong tooltips on toolbar icons / some actions not shown in toolbar editor

Marc Mutz Marc.Mutz at uni-bielefeld.de
Thu Dec 12 21:58:18 GMT 2002


Can someone tell me why KActions that are defined thus:

  new KAction( KGuiItem( i18n("Next &Unread Message"),
			 QApplication::reverseLayout() ? "previous" : "next",
                         i18n("Go to the next unread message") ),
                         Key_Plus, this, SLOT(slotNextUnreadMessage()),
                         actionCollection(), "go_next_unread_message" );

end up with a tooltip of "Next Unread Message"? The code of both 
KAction::plug() and KGUIItem::*toolTip() looks correct, I just can't 
find where stuff gets wrong. You can see this with KMail's next and 
previous unread message actions, which are in the toolbar by default.

On a related note: While trying to track this bug down, I noticed that 
some actions are missing from the "configure toolbars" dialog. I think 
the pattern is that those missing have no icon set. But why are then 
all kactionmenus and ktoggleactions listed, even when they've got no 
icon(set)s set?


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