Eugene Zelenko greendeath at mail.ru
Wed Dec 11 21:34:06 GMT 2002


Broken sentences exits there:

#: part/katedocument.cpp:2220 part/katedocument.cpp:2444
msgid "Typographical Conventions for "

I think "Typographical Conventions for %1" must be used instead.

Additional (fortunately not principal :-) question about using HTML tags in messages: is it possible to make common convention about them?

For example, next tags are used in katepart for same purposes:

1) <B></B>; <b></b>; <strong></strong>; <em></em>; \"\" (technically not tags, but...)
2) <BR>; <br>

Probably, XHTML tags are more preferable, but I don't know details of XHTML support in Qt.

With best regards,

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