[PATCH] - fix warning in kdelibs-3.1rc5/dcop/KDE-ICE/getauth.c

Jesper Juhl jju at dif.dk
Tue Dec 10 13:07:39 GMT 2002


I'm trying to get started on some KDE hacking, and I'm starting out by trying 
to fix various warnings in the current KDE3.1RC5.

I encountered this :

getauth.c: In function `_KDE_IceGetPaAuthData':
getauth.c:105: warning: `entry' might be used uninitialized in this function

while compiling kdelibs-3.1rc5, and created the attached patch 
(kdelibs-dcop-KDE-ICE-getauth.c-1.patch) in an attempt to fix it.

To fix the warning I added an initialization of "entry" to NULL, and then a 
bit later (where entry is used) a check to make sure it was not NULL so the 
code will never end up dereferencing a NULL pointer.

Since I could not find any reference to a developer in the source file I mail 
this to kde-core-devel, since I read on www.kde.org that this is the general 
list for kdelibs.
If the patch is considered good, where would I send it for inclusion? or do I 
not need to send it anywhere except this list?

Since I'm just getting started on KDE hacking, I welcome any comments :)

Best regards,

Jesper Juhl
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