Helge Deller deller at gmx.de
Tue Dec 10 08:08:29 GMT 2002

On Monday 09 December 2002 19:01, Jason Mott wrote:
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> Thanks everyone for the feedback on getting a CVS account. As soon as I see
> a need for an account I will request one.
> I haven't seen any responses to the second subject in the email, and
> figured perhaps it should have been its own email. Any comments on the
> KLCDNumber class idea? Here is what I wrote about it:
> Now, here is one thing I'd like to add: A class that extends QLCDNumber
> that is configurable the way that the DigitalClock Widget of the clock
> applet is. Basically, I'd take the code in the DigitalClock Widget of the
> clock applet and make it more general purpose and configurable through an
> API. When done, the clock applet would be able to use the new class instead
> of implementing the functionality itself (but that is really separate from
> this
> conversation). I'm doing this because of my program Kalculate
> (http://sourceforge.net/projects/kalculate/). It uses the base QLCDNumber
> for its display. As I was investigating how to add configurability to its
> look and feel, I realized I was just redoing what the DigitalClock widget
> was doing -- so it made since to see if it is something that should be
> offered to core so we don't have many different iterations of this
> functionality around.
> Here is the interface I'd imagine for such a widget (this is of course just
> a rough sketch and is open to comments/suggestions).
> class KLCDNumber : public QLCDNumber  {
> public:
>         KLCDNumber(QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0);
>         ~KLCDNumber();
>   /**
>    *  This method just calls the setPaletteBackgroundColor() method in
> QWidget.
>    *  I'm just showing it here to emphasize its availability.
>    */
>   virtual void setPaletteBackgroundColor(const QColor & background);
>   /**
>    * This method just calls the setPaletteBackgroundPixmap method in
> QWidget. *  I'm just showing it here to emphasize its availability.
>    */
>   virtual void setPaletteBackgroundPixmap(const QPixmap & backgroundPix);
>   /**
>    *  This is reimplemented because we need to make note of the color in
> order * to support the shadow.
>    */
>   virtual void setPaletteForgroundColor(const QColor & forground);
>   /**
>    * This is new but made virtual in case derivative classes want to make
> use of it polymorphically.
>    */
>   virtual void setPaletteShadowColor(const QColor & shadowColor);
>   /**
>    * These two methods give control over the distance of the displayed
> number and its shadow (and the angle of the shadow)...
>    * they are doubles because QPainter's translate method takes doubles.
>    */
>   virtual void setForgroundOffset(double x, double y);
>   virtual void setShadowOffset(double x, double y);
> };
> Is this something that would benefit the core ui library?

Hi Jason,

If this derived class would have some more features than just
color/palette-additions, I think it might be more useful.

One example of more functionality is described in Bug report #28412 
(http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28412) - e.g. it would be useful if 
KLCDNumber would be able to show a small "am/pm" and a blinking dot 
on the left side. I know, that this feature might not be very useful in your Kalculate 
program, but it would at least help to make the clock look more like a real 
digital clock.


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