KDE 3.1: delayed

Stephan Binner binner at kde.org
Fri Dec 6 16:15:43 GMT 2002

Waldo Bastian wrote:

> > The users have been waiting for 3.1 very long now. A source release is
> IMHO better than none at all, especially when it contains security fixes.
> Security fixes for what?

For all leaks found between RC5 (or even RC4) and release next year? Will
there be an additional RC after the security audit has been finished or
will you tell people "We made security fixes, but sorry - you're running
a release candidate and will have to wait for fixes until next year."?

I miss too information on what RC5 and Final will be based? Will RC5 be
based on KDE_3_1_BRANCH or KDE_3_1_RELEASE with security fixes incor-
porated? And a final next year would be based on KDE_3_1_BRANCH or same
KDE_3_1_RELEASE plus security fixes? If first, wouldn't we need a RC6 in
the last week of the year to get feedback for fixes in branch before?

Additional question to you: How does a further delay affect the KDE 3.2
release plan? How many months? Will it be based on from now or January?

> Reading some of the comments about the lack of binary packages for the
> RCs I don't think many users will understand a KDE 3.1 in source only.

There will be binary packages. Maybe not for all distributions which had
packages in the past but most major distris will provide within one week.

> something to be proud of, we should release it properly, not just "sort of".

KDE never releases binary packages: http://www.kde.org/packagepolicy.html

> I am strongly in favour of delaying it till January.

I am strongly in favour of RC5 now and Final when source is done+one week.


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